LC Maths Course

January/February Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths Course

The course is student-centred, exam-focused and covers the whole Mathematics syllabus in the space of two days. It aims to work as a valuable revision aid which will cement all your knowledge so far, and to motivate you for the year to come.

Get Focused

The Leaving Cert Maths Course is a large syllabus which requires exact focus. The course aims to offer you that focus and motivation exactly when you need it – after the New Year. This is the most important time as it’s the ‘Business End’ of your Leaving Cert study and the correct direction then is vital! By covering the syllabus, you can identify your own strengths and weaknesses and use that to plan out your study for the months ahead.

Organisation & Method

One of the key aims of this course is to highlight the importance of organisation and method when dealing with Mathematics. Of all subjects, organisation is vital for Maths! The course teaches a ‘Step’ system which looks at how to break down difficult problems into manageable steps. It also focuses on breaking down complicated ‘Mathsy’ formula into English which students can find easier to understand. This is all seen clearly in the 250 page Course book which comes free with the course.

Why this course?


This course offers a different perspective than any similar experience. As a recent Leaving Cert student myself, I am better placed to communicate with students as I was only recently in the position they are now in. This should inspire students and highlight that success in Leaving Cert Maths is achievable. I offer a fresh approach which has been recently tested and proven correct. I think every student's study should start with the exam and therefore this course is fundamentally exam focused and aims to ensure that your study is exam focused too. 


Plenty of Notes:


Students will receive a Comprehensive Course Book numbering 250 pages with the Course. This will outline the Leaving Cert course for students so that after the course they can really get down to study immediately and see exactly what they need to cover.


It also allows students, who may have found certain concepts difficult to pick up, the chance to review the information in their own time and at their own pace.


The Table of Contents for The Course Book can be found here: Course Book


Venues & Dates:

  • 21st & 22nd January: Galway. NUI, Galway
  • 28th & 29th January: Limerick. Mary Immaculate College
  • 4th & 5th February: Cork, University College Cork
  • 11th & 12th February: Dublin, Trinity College

      Time: 9.30 - 5.30 (Registration 9.00 - 9.30) both days.


      Cost: October Discount

      Book throughout the month of October and get great discounts:

      ·         Individual Rate: €70

      ·         Small Group Rate (4 or more): €60 per person

      ·         Large Group Rate (8 or more): €45 per person

      Large Group Bonus: If the Large Group is organised by a teacher/tutor then the teacher will receive a free copy of the 250 page Course Book. This can be collected on the day or sent by post in advance of the course.


      Methods of Payment:

      Payment is accepted by Paypal or by cheque.

      Please send all cheques with Booking Form to:     Booking Form Download

      Cillian Fahy

      309 Lower Kimmage Road


      Dublin 6W

      Paypal payments may be made using the button below. If you wish to book for a group using Paypal then please contact: with the group numbers and payment may be made then. If there are any difficulties with the transaction then please feel free to contact me also.